A Nevada City native, Dr. Heather graduated from Nevada Union High School in 1987. As a child, Dr. Heather was drawn to things natural, healthy, and sporty. Building forts from fallen tree limbs, soccer, rollerskating, and spending her allowance on pineapple chunks were some of her favorite activities! As a teenager, Dr. Heather grew fond of hiking the Yuba River trails, as well as mountain biking. Following this natural passion for health, she got her BA in Holistic Healing from San Francisco State University in 1992.

While prepping for acupuncture school, a serious cycling accident brought Dr. Heather to a chiropractor for the first time. She enjoyed, and got so much relief from the treatments that she decided to become a chiropractor herself! Dr. Heather graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 1997.

The stress of undergraduate and doctoral work did not bypass Dr. Heather, however. After her first year of chiropractic school she weighed 210 pounds and wore size 22 clothing. Realizing that she was not presenting the picture of health that she would desire for her patients, Dr. Heather began an exploration of balanced nutrition, clean, and delicious eating that would allow her to lose 65 pounds. She has kept it off (plus an additional 10 pound weight loss from running, but we'll get to that in a minute....), even through the pregnancy and birth of her son. Prepping delicious, healthy meals remains a passion for Dr. Heather.

After graduating from chiropractic school, Dr. Heather spent one year at Athens' Chiropractic Clinic in San Carlos where many of the San Francisco 49ers and Giants were patients. Dr. Heather's job was to prep the patients with muscle therapy prior to Dr. Athens' treatments. To this day, Dr. Heather uses the same muscle therapy on her patients as was used on her professional athlete patients.

After 10 years in San Francisco, Dr. Heather spent 10 years in Hawaii, and 7 years in North Carolina where she owned and operated several successful chiropractic clinics. Dr. Heather continues to fly to North Carolina several times a year to treat patients there.

Dr. Heather took up running later in life and ran her first full marathon (26.2 miles) at age 43. Dr. Heather has since run 11 full marathons, countless half marathons, and a variety of other shorter events. She even ran 4 full marathons in 4 months for her 44th birthday!

In 2014 Dr. Heather's dream of moving back to Nevada City became a reality. Dr. Heather celebrated her 18th year in practice with the opening of Goodspeed Chiropractic in Nevada City. She is thrilled to be back home, and to be able to share her passion for health with the community that she cherishes, and missed, so deeply.

These days, Dr. Heather can be found at her office, happily treating patients, running the streets with the Goodspeed Chiropractic Running Club, teaching her Yoga for Runners class, or photographing scenes from her kitchen experiments!
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Heather Goodspeed-Walters, D.C.
Chiropractic Physician
200 Providence Mine Road #108
Nevada City, CA 95959